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GJG100H infrared high-concentration methane sensor

GJG100H infrared high-concentration methane sensor can be used in underground coal mines and other places with presence of methane to detect the concentration of methane. The SCM circuit design is adopted for the sensor circuit to allow for local display of methane concentration value. Several output signal systems are supported and remote collection is supported. The switching power supply is used for the power circuit of the sensor to lower the overall power consumption and facilitate transmission distance between the substations and the sensor. The zero point and sensitivity can be adjusted and calibrated remotely and the failure self-checking function is provided.

Electrical performance:
a)Working voltage: 18V.DC;
b)Working current: ≤150mA.
Measuring range: 0.00%CH4­~100%CH4;
Resolution: The resolution is 0.01% CH4 within 0.00%CH4­~10.0%CH4;
The resolution is 0.1% CH4 within 10.0%CH4­~100%CH4.
Signal output system:
a)Frequency: 200Hz~1000Hz (Pulse width greater than 0.3ms)  (preferred) ;
b)Current:  (1~5) mA or (4~20) mA;
c)Intelligent type:  Transmission mode: Half duplex RS485; 
Transmission rate: 4800bps;
Signal working voltage peak value: ≤12V。
Basic error:
0.00~1.00 ≤±0.06
1.00~100 ≤±6% of the true value

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