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Surface water environment online monitoring system


Surface water environment monitoring system is mainly composed of water-line unit, pre-processing unit, auxiliary analysis unit, analysis and monitoring unit, system control unit, communication unit, operating environment supporting unit, and remote monitoring centers. water-line unit, pre-processing unit, and auxiliary analysis unit complete the water sampling, water sample pretreatment, pipe cleaning, and other sampling control processes for the automatic monitoring station of water quality;
◆  The analysis and monitoring unit completes the analysis of water quality for the monitoring station;
◆  The system control unit completes the operations monitoring of the system and collection of all kinds of data;
◆  The communication unit achieves up-load and down-load transmission of data and control command;
◆  The operating environment supporting unit provides support to the operation of the entire system; Remote monitoring center as the central station of the system receives real-time data for remote monitoring operations and data analysis.
◆  Real-time monitoring of temperature, pH, DO (dissolved oxygen), conductivity, turbidity, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metals, toxicity, water and oil, chloride, benzene and other parameters of the water;
◆  Real-time water quality information for the rational management of water resources.
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